Data submission

Welcome to the BCDC data submission system. Any data from earth and climate change data can be submitted. We highly appreciate your willingness to publish data! The BCDC archival inrastructure is a collaboration with PANGAEA and the same data editorial system is used.


 Published data are fully citable and can be cross-referenced with journal articles

  • Long term preservation of data. Your data will be available within the  World Data System (WDS) of the International Council for Science (ICSU).
  • Quality assurance on metadata, such as citation, references, geo-location, and standard parameter vocabularies.
  • Reliable identification and access with a DOI name for each data supplement.
  • Pre-publication, password protected access to data supplements for journal editors in support to the peer-review process.
  • Minimum formatting requirements from the authors.
  • Direct communication with authors regarding changes to data and metadata, e.g. unit conversions, taxonomy updates.
  • Open access to data in several widely accepted machine-readable formats.
  • Creative Commons Attribution license which requires that author(s) are referenced if the data are reused.

Quality control:

We will be in direct contact with you during preparation and archiving of your data.

  • The data editorial ensures the integrity and authenticity of your data.
  • Data might be submitted in the authors format and will be converted to the final import and publication format.
  • The PANGAEA/BCDC editors will check the completeness and consistency of metadata and data. Our editors are scientists from the earth and life sciences. We may identify potential problems with your data (e.g. outliers).
  • After data have been archived you will receive a DOI name and you are requested to proof-read before the final version is published. In case your data are supplementary to a journal article you might reference the data in the article.
  •  In case there is a moratorium on your data you can ask for access constraints.

For more information please visit

How to submit

We are using a shared ticket system for data submission with PANGAEA. In order to get all the functionalities you have to create an account and be logged in.

You can create an account here. If you already have an account you follow the link, sign in and follow the instructions. If you encounter any issues or you would rather submit your data by mail please send a mail to

More general information about data and metadata submission can be obtained here.


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