Welcome to the Bjerknes Climate Data Centre

The Bjerknes Climate Data Centre (BCDC) launched in January 2015 and some parts of the website are still under construction




The Bjerknes Climate Data Centre (BCDC) serves the data obtained, and the data syntheses assembled, by researchers within the Bjerknes Centre for Climate Research(BCCR). Furthermore it is open for all interested scientists independent of institution. All data from the different disciplines at BCCR (e.g. geology, oceanography, biology, model community) will be archived in a long-term repository, interconnected and made publicly available by the BCDC. BCDC has collaborations with many international data repositories and actively archives metadata and data with those ensuring quality and FAIRness.

BCDC has its main focus on data management services for external and internal funded projects in the field of climate research, providing data management plans and ensuring that data is archived according to the best practices in the field. The data management services rank from project work for small external funded project, to state-of-the-art data management services for research infrastructures on the ESFRI roadmap (e.g. RI ICOS – Integrated Carbon Observation System), and providing products and services for Copernicus Marine Environmental Monitoring Services.

In addition BCDC is advising various communities on data management services e.g. IOC UNESCO, OECD, IAEA and various funding agencies. BCDC will become an Associated Data Unit (ADU) under IODE, International Oceanographic Data and Information Exchange, a worldwide network that operates under the auspices of the Intergovernmental Oceanographic Commission of UNESCO and aims to become a part of ICSU World Data System.




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