Welcome to the Bjerknes Climate Data Centre

The Bjerknes Climate Data Centre (BCDC) has been launched in January 2015 and some parts of the website are still under construction




The BCDC has the following aims:

1. To serve the data obtained, and the data syntheses assembled, by researchers within the Bjerknes Centre for Climate Research cluster. All data from the different disciplines (e.g. geology, oceanography, biology, model community) will be archived, interconnected and made publicly available by the BCDC. It will, however, be open for all interested scientists independent of institution.

2. To provide an online access portal to climate data of all kinds. The data center will be embedded in the worldwide data access network established by the International Council for Science called World Data System (ICSU WDS, former ICSU World Data Center System, http://www.icsu-wds.org/) and follow the idea of having a common globally interoperable distributed data system within the climate (change) community. We will also cooperate with data centres that are not part of the ICSU-WDS, (prominent examples are NMD and NORSTORE), in order to use these for storage, and to provide access to their data holdings.

Hence, the BCDC will provide a single access point for climate data worldwide, while at the same time it will ensure the visibility and accessibility of Bjerknes Data by embedding them in the same network.




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